Try Something New At Vintage House!

Vintage House

Have you fallen into the trap of visiting the same restaurants over and over again? That’s not always the best idea. Sure, you know you are going to get something you love, but don’t you ever wish that you could change things up from time to time? You’ll be able to do just that when you try something new at Vintage House. This place is one of the nicest restaurants in the area, and it’s perfect for a high-quality meal. Whether you’re going on a date or want to host an entire event, Vintage House is the place to go. Take a look at why it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular spots in Hickory.

Start with an Appetizer

You may not get an appetizer every time you go out to eat, but if you really want to treat yourself, you’ll get one when you go to this restaurant. There are several different choices, and it may even be hard for you to choose which one sounds best. You may want to try the grilled portobello mushroom and lump crab meat with a lemon herb butter glaze, or perhaps you’ll have to opt for the grilled vegetables with Parmesan orzo and crostini. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the sauteed escargot with red wine and crispy bruschetta. No matter what you choose, you’re probably going to want more.

Get Some Salad or Pasta

Before you enjoy your entree, you may want to start things off with a nice salad or pasta. The baby spinach and pan-fried goat cheese with balsamic vinaigrette is always a big hit, as is the wilted spinach salad with smoked bacon and honey Dijon vinaigrette. Feeling like pasta? Try the rigatoni arrabbiata with fresh smoked mozzarella and vodka or the jumbo sweet potato ravioli with pistachios and sage. Both are going to be delicious.

Order Your Entree

Finally … it’s time to order your entree. If you aren’t already full from all those appetizers, pasta, and salad, you should think about getting the grilled salmon filet with smoky lemongrass reduction and creamy jumbo couscous or the medallions of beef tenderloin with sun-dried tomato tapenade and goat cheese. However, there are plenty more options to choose from, so make sure you look at the whole menu.

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Finish It Off with Dessert

A nice dessert brings your whole meal together, so it’s not something you’ll want to skip. New desserts are made at Vintage House daily, so you can always choose something new!